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Created in 2010 entitled "Carré comme un ballon" (Square like a balloon)

Mr Hus is a big child whose home is the circus. He draws us into a silly world where poetry is king! Between the lightness of a bubble and the weight of a fall, he invites us to be part of his joyful and crazy show where juggling, magic and poetry come together.

A show rich in colors for small and big...

Duration : 55 min

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International tour "Carré comme un ballon"

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M. Hus at the Cabaret

Le Cabaret des Arts Magiques

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The "Radio Cirque" company was born in 2010.
After completing his training at circus school, Mr Hus participated in the creation of various entertainment troupes (Boulifa, Ar'tatouille, Magie pour tous, Cirklic...). He creates and performs in the following shows...
- la forêt enchantée  
- Univers de terre  
- Le cirque de martinique  
- Le rêve de M. Hus  
- La Circassie
- On n'est pas tout seul

While working on these artistic projects, he also gained a couple of diplomas: B.A.F.A and then B.A.F.D (diplomas that are required by the French government for anyone working with children) in order to become a children's group activity leader, a school trip co-ordinator and an adventure travel guide with teenagers!! Then, the desire to create his own solo show became stronger and stronger, driving him to form Radio Cirque!!!

Mr Hus has worked on the art of clowning, magic and circus for more than 10 years, always learning and improving. An amateur of self mockery, he tries desperately to manage his various personalities (sometimes Mr Hus speaks about himself in the third person...)

Calvary Yann - 06 24 60 15 46

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